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We are pleased to introduce “Third Eye Restaurant” established in 1989 A.D. with a new taste that is reflective of unique Royal Indian, Continental, and Nepalese cuisine. Situated in the heart of Thamel, the Third Eye Restaurant has been a milestone for more than three decades. The atmosphere of the restaurant is designed to enhance your dining experience with beautiful outdoor seating, exceptional service, and scenic original oil paintings produced by Nepalese artists.

Food at Third Eye is prepared to meet your taste preference whether it is mild, moderate, or spicy. Third Eye can seat up to 300 guests, on different seating arrangements of your preference like a rooftop terrace garden, a bar room, courtyard area, dining halls, traditional sitting, and more.

Despite the modern touches and upgrades, antique pieces that have been part of the decor for years, as well as the use of authentic and cultural Nepali materials everywhere, Third Eye has successfully kept the traditional vibes alive throughout the years.

We trust you will enjoy the taste of the Himalayas with our professional staff with international standard services.

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